Music Composition



We all have emotions and a way to express them, Song writing and composing are one of those qualities of expressing your emotions which are musical. You have that quality; we instigate, encourage and promote this personality of yours and make you a musician in the true sense.


  • Elements that support a strong original song idea
  • The relationship of songwriting theory/techniques and the creative process
  • Uses of various forms in songwriting
  • Technical/quantifiable guidelines for improved songwriting
  • Musical components of a well-written song
  • Characteristics of a well-written lyric
  • Uses of musical contrast
  • The difference between a song, a recording/production and a song arrangement

Music Composition 

  • Creative considerations for writing to picture, including balancing music with dialogue, hitting pictures cuts, and more
  • Identify and apply harmonic devices specific to themes such as romance, sadness/sorrow, chase, heroic action, action adventure, horror, suspense, magic, fantasy, and comedy
  • Identify and apply melodic considerations specific to themes
  • Identify and apply rhythmic considerations specific to themes
  • Understand and apply appropriate orchestration specific to themes
  • Understand the logistical path of a musical idea from initial conception to final recording, including composition, orchestration, and recording



Rules & Regulations